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Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of June we had the pleasure of attending the Tech Experience 2017 in Amersfoort. The event took place at “De Rijtuigenlood” a former hangar for the restoration and painting of railcars – a perfect location for the OGh (Oracle Gebruikersclub Holland) to organize its first Tech Experience. We were quite excited about it!

Tech Experience 2017The “ultimate peacekeeper”

The aim of the event was to cover the complete Oracle Technology Stack with more than 80 sessions on very divers topics. The topics hence ranged from microservices, chat bots, business intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning and Blockchain to Platform-as-a-Service. The event kicked off with a keynote by Maria Colgan on some exiting new updates to the database. Oracle Database 12c now became the “ultimate peacekeeper” since it offers both developers and DBAs everything they need to happily co-exist and successfully embrace the latest technology trends like JSON, REST APIs, In-Memory and Cloud solution.


Remarkable was the fact that most of the sessions were focusing on DevOps. It was very interesting to learn that the Oracle Cloud and Oracles new solution are further developed and made suitable for DevOps. As it turned out, TMNS is already implementing very good and advanced solutions. Nicolo attended two sessions on provisioning and the scripted automation of it and came to the conclusion that his team at Liberty Global is already delivering well advanced solutions in this area. He was therefore able to interact with the speakers, giving them some points of improvements based on his daily experience in his team.

Tech Experience 2017Business Intelligence

In several sessions the support for Big data, Cloud concepts and Advanced Analytics (e.g. R) has been further explained. During the sessions the high complexity of the Oracle Business Intelligence suite becomes clear, built on top of several specific products (e.g. Oracle Golden Gate). Oracle shows improvements on the integration of these products, but implementing a clear DevOps strategy for BI is still a challenge. Especially Oracle’s cloud concepts should help to reduce the high complexity for its customers.

The future of SOA

Oracle has demonstrated in a number of interesting sessions how microservices can be effective to be used in e.g. a banking environment. Supporting DevOps principles and applying agile principles this way of working can be supported well. Also for Liberty Global the experiences with the implementation of microservices using Oracle products may be interesting to investigate. Obviously a number of familiar challenges as applicable for any SOA implementation (e.g. Governance) shows up also for microservices.


This Tech Experience really triggered Menno and Nicolo to start a couple of very good discussion about the current and future of SOA solutions so far implemented for clients. Also it make sense to further investigate how DevOps and Cloud concepts can be applied in a complex environment like Oracle BI.

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