TMNS Hackathon: fun, friends, food and most of all… focus!

On Saturday 11 February, 38 TMNS employees gathered at our offices to join the annual TMNS Hackathon.

“The hackathon is not really about hacking,” explains Roeland Lengers, Director People and Team Development. “It’s a way to bring colleagues together to learn from each other. Each of us has his or her own skills. When you combine those skills you can create the best and funniest ideas. It is a day to create what you always wanted to create, but never had the time to really go and do it.”

Music off. Focus on!

“You really get to know each other’s qualities on a day like this. The cooperation between sales, development and operation is the perfect mix for new ideas and brings us closer together,” says Eric-Hans van Wingerden, ‎Business Intelligence Consultant and Hackathon-judge for a day. “There is music, games and good food. However, I find it inspiring to see that in the end the music is turned off and the games and the food are forgotten, because we’re all way to excited to stop coding our idea’s.”

International party

It was not a HQ-only party; the Serbian office was present too via an always-on video-connection. “We had two teams that participated. And a lot of supporters on the side. The office was full of kids during the day,” says Solution Architect Nenad Bogdanovic.



Ideas that stick

One of the most memorable solutions of the day was the one created by DevOps Consultant Gert Jan van Halem en Account Manager Anuradha (Anu) Tikai. In just 12 hours they created an interactive text-adventure game from a Makey Makey board and a pair of glasses. If you want to know more about this game, just contact Gert Jan or Anu.

The moment of truth

The judges – Eric-Hans van Wingerden, Nenad Stefanovic (Technical Director TMNS Serbia), and Melis Schaap (Sales Director) – had a hard time deciding which solution was the winner of the day. Luckily they had worked out four categories to help them with their decision. Each team had to present their completed solution at the end of the day. And they were all judged on their:

  • technical difficulty;
  • impressiveness;
  • usability / practicality;
  • and the business potential.

And the winner is…

At the end of the day there were three ideas that really stood out for the jury: the Azure based chatbot, the TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 to 6 introspection / migration tool and the new logging system based on MongoDB (a NoSQL database). Special congrats to the top three teams: team TML, team Aytac and team GirlsInAction!

Are you interested in the details of these ideas? Please contact us.

See you next time

A big thanks to all TMNS-colleagues who participated. You were inspiring and created wonderful (and some really silly) ideas! We are all looking forward to the next Hackathon!

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