April 2017

nJAMS4 is the way to go!

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A migration approach from TIBCO BWPM3/nJAMS3 to nJAMS4 What is nJAMS? nJAMS is an abbreviation of the product from Integration Matters (a software vendor in Germany Hattingen) nJAMS stands for: Not Just Another Monitoring Solution. People from the TIBCO community will know this product as TIBCO BWPM, also known as BusinessWorks Process Monitor. Why should you [...]

May 2016

Work in control: Tracking every single step within your project with JIRA

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Whether you’re an organization with 10 or 1000 employees, every company needs structure. Because business involves projects and projects involve people. People who work on a project as a team and make decisions. In other words: every project you’re working on is in a continuous state of change. This threatens the efficiency of your business [...]

March 2014

Tableau Desktop

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TMNS is now a TIBCO Spotfire partner, and internally we are living a very positive momentum with this technology, which is in part fueled by the training that several consultants are attending. We are going to the UK for official training, and we are also preparing internal courses, which are being delivered in The Netherlands, Switzerland [...]