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February 2017

Business Intelligence and its Advanced Analytics business potential

27 February, 2017|

Business intelligence (BI) is the ability of a company to make meaningful use of data it collects in the course of its day-to-day business operations (Kimble & Milolidakis, 2015). BI could play an important role in improving organizational performance by identifying new opportunities, highlighting potential threats, revealing new business insights and enhancing decision making processes... [...]

TIBCO Spotfire 7.8: adding rows in a smart(er) way!

14 February, 2017|

Earlier this month TIBCO launched the newest release of Spotfire, 7.8. It is not a major update but there is at least one feature that could really make a difference! And it is exactly something I was working on for one of my customers: Adding a new month of data. Let me quickly describe the [...]

April 2016

How to make a Spotfire Accordion in 3 easy steps!

6 April, 2016|

What is an Accordion? A Spotfire Accordion is a vertically stacked list of items, which is often used in a menu or navigational bar. An accordion contains multiple items which can be expanded and collapsed to show or hide the subitems. As you can imagine, the term accordion originates from the musical instrument “accordion” which [...]

December 2015

EnergyNext: an overview on the energy market

21 December, 2015|

Recently TMNS joined to the Dutch seminar about the energy market. This event took place in the EnergieHuis in Dordrecht (The Netherlands). The event hosted about sixty representatives from different areas, like consulting companies but also government institutions. What was it about? The seminar discussed about the status of the energy market and the targets [...]

September 2015

The pie chart: should it stay or go?

15 September, 2015|

Coincidentally I ran into a discussion on pie charts some weeks ago. Really, I had never thought about it. But there are many people who do not just advise not to use a pie chart, but in fact actively fight the use of it. Why is that? And should we all just agree? A quick [...]

August 2015

The Best Business Intelligence Tool

14 August, 2015|

What is the best BI tool? That is a question I now and then run into when browsing the internet. A legitimate question that should be easy to answer. But is it? A person that has not been engaged with BI on a regular basis could be asked by his organization to look for a [...]

July 2015

Stop Guestimating: Use Omni-Channel Analytics

3 July, 2015|

Learn to understand your customers and adjust your business accordingly Almost all organizations do some kind of analytics. This could be web analytics, call analytics or store analytics. However, many organizations are not using the valuable customer data that they have to it's full potential. Channel analytics In many organizations we see the use of [...]

February 2015

Recently launched Spotfire 7.0: six exciting new features

17 February, 2015|

As TIBCO Spotfire Gold Partner we participate in the beta program regarding Spotfire 7.0. Recently TIBCO held a partner meeting in Götenberg where during an interactive session the new features of Spotfire 7.0 were discussed and showed. Spotfire 7.0 will be released soon has just been released with exciting features: 1. Easy to use for non or [...]

December 2014

Kick-off event Sustainable Connectivity

22 December, 2014|

On December the 12th the kick-off event Sustainable Connectivity (Duurzaam Verbinden) took place. Several public transport companies, police forces, municipalities and other safety partners joined at the Maliebaanstation in Utrecht. Organizers Arriva and TMNS hoped to stimulate the visitors in joining the project in which Arriva and several police forces share incident data in order [...]