April 2017

nJAMS4 is the way to go!

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A migration approach from TIBCO BWPM3/nJAMS3 to nJAMS4 What is nJAMS? nJAMS is an abbreviation of the product from Integration Matters (a software vendor in Germany Hattingen) nJAMS stands for: Not Just Another Monitoring Solution. People from the TIBCO community will know this product as TIBCO BWPM, also known as BusinessWorks Process Monitor. Why should you [...]

July 2016

CUT THE SPEED, FOCUS ON VALUE PART 2/2: How to test your products in a most effective way

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In our last blog, I talked about the wrong, old-fashioned way of how most testing is done regarding products and services of companies. Today, I would like to clarify the new and modern and most effective way of testing. To accomplish this effective way of testing, there are two (probably more, leave a comment to [...]

June 2016

June 2014

The mindset that birthed DRF

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Everyone in the technology space is speaking about automation. From simple, small-scale web development to large-scale global delivery teams, Continuous Delivery seems to be in the forefront of top initiatives in today's commercial enterprises. The ability of Continuous Delivery (CD) to quickly push new features, improvements and business ideas into the market has the potential [...]