DevOps is a highly collaborative way to create value for your customer. We like to see it as a next logical step towards reaching a higher maturity level of your software development process. Small increments often help to increase the quality of products, enable a faster time to market and a better return on investment. Typical DevOps drivers are; wanting to increase time to market, wanting to decrease variations in product quality. Or getting good measurement of (the quality) of your process. The interlinking elements of DevOps are captured in CALMS; Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement & Sharing.

TMNS would like to support you on your journey towards DevOps and help you build a solid Agile Foundation for your company.

Would you hire this consultant again?
“I would definitely hire Wouter again. He has been a key participant on the design and development of the One Fusion Framework (OFF) and establishment of the Continuous Integration initiative at our company (international telecom).”

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