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Would you hire this consultant again?
“Yes, mainly the superb knowledge of TIBCO of Mohamed helped the ICC to face the technical challenges. Secondly this also helped to create an Image of technical expertise and control of the ICC within Ziggo.”
Would you hire this consultant again?
“I have found Michel to have been an exceptional member of our team during his time with us, his attention to detail and the quality of his documentation cannot be understated. Michel has done an excellent job of completing all of the tasks he has been assigned with, despite only having limited time and participation with myself and our internal teams. Michel is extremely methodical, he has excellent communication and presentation skills and this is evident from the quality of his handover and documentation. Michel has also offered us some invaluable advice and insight on areas not directly associated with the initial terms of his assignment. The work that has been done on provisioning our Sonic environments will pay dividends and we expect to see an immediate return on our investment through a much streamlined and less error prone build and release process.”
Would you hire this consultant again?

Would you hire our consultants again?

“Marinus is a great person to work with, good in communication and always to the point. In the project great support was provided, not only in IBUS design and team leadership, but E2E across the work streams and countries supporting us in projects scope/risk/issues & dependencies. Marinus knows where to set the right priorities and focusses always at the right time. Marinus has a very pleasant personality and is a great member of the team.”
Would you hire this consultant again?
“Yes, he’s very good at his expertise, also very allround knowledge and he can look further than only is part of the work. In addition to that he’s very well liked and nice to have around.”
Would you hire this consultant again?
“I would definitely hire Wouter again. He has been a key participant on the design and development of the One Fusion Framework (OFF) and establishment of the Continuous Integration initiative at our company (international telecom).”
Would you hire this consultant again?
“I would like to hire Aytac once again for his dedicated efforts towards the Optimus Prime project. He has taken ownership of OPT PRIME builds for JIT completely. Aytac is always willing to improve and is open to suggestions to improve. “
Would you hire this consultant again?
“When you take in consideration that Mohammed was in fact a Tibco specialist and was just recently trained on the Sonic product combined with an assignment at an unfamiliar company, he never gave the impression that he was insecure or new to the environment. Mohammed impressed everyone by delivering fast with a high quality standard. Not only focussing on a technical solution, but always tried to keep in touch with the functional demands . So the answer to the question is: of course.”
Consultant Intergamma
Would you hire this consultant again?
“Yes. Stephan has a lot of experience. He takes ownership and helps the ICC to mature (especially with respect to standards and guidelines). Stephan is always willing to help, to do a review or to give an advise which is very helpful.”
Would you hire this consultant again?
“Yes, I would surely recommend Joshua. He is very quick learner and is very able in handling technical stuff. He adds a value where he works.”
Consultant KPN
Would you hire this consultant again?
“Yes: Good Technical Knowledge, motivated, produces a remarkable amount of high-quality work, inspires others with his output.”
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