Inspiring User Stories and Sneak Peeks at the 3rd Dutch Spotfire Event

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On the 10th of May, our 3rd Dutch Exclusively Spotfire User’s Event took place in the Figi Theatre in Zeist. Over 30 TIBCO Spotfire users from, amongst others, Shell, Nationale Nederlanden, Akzo Nobel, FrieslandCampina and KLM, came together to learn about the opportunities TIBCO Spotfire brings to challenges that other Spotfire users faced. The solutions that they came up with, as well as the upcoming features of Spotfire’s new releases were the highlights of the afternoon.

Michael Post, Data Warehouse Developer of Nationale-Nederlanden, kicked off the event. His department focuses on developing, producing and analysing high-quality information for day-to-day management and long-term decision making.

Intervention-based algorithm increases efficiency

Michael built a workflow oriented solution for the NN Pensions team to process changes in clients’ personal situations which impact NN’s pension rights/obligations. The algorithm automatically determines which task should be handled by which agent and with which priority. Thanks to this improved work-scheduling the amount of tasks that could not be finalized by an agent and/or required to be rescheduled dropped significantly. In the dashboard presented by Michael it could be seen that the NN Pensions team achieved an efficiency gain of 15%.

User challenge: better decision making through improved data quality

Bianca Verkleij, Business Analyst Reporting & BI at FrieslandCampina, was up next. FrieslandCampina faced challenges with their management reporting due to data quality. Data was coming from different sources and in various formats. On top of this, the input data was edited by users to resemble individual KPI’s. This resulted in scrambled numbers and unreliable reports.

To avoid becoming dependent on the key users to edit every single report, Bianca’s team implemented a solution to standardise the data quality of reports. The solution is based on three key pillars: Alignment, Acceptance and Automation.

  1. The team started off with aligning KPI definitions by the introduction of Master Data Management, in order to create standardised data quality rules.
  2. After this they had to ensure that reports were accepted by the business. Therefore, they defined clear business ownership, had the reports validated by key users, and introduced a support organisation for questions related to dashboards.
  3. Finally, dashboard creation was automated, stimulating users to only use agreed and defined reports/data,
    rule out reports prepared in excel and prevent data editing by individual users. This ensures that everyone is looking at the same definitions and prevents mismatches.

Bianca concluded her session by showing some of the reports and dashboards currently in use at FrieslandCampina.

Sneak Peeks Spotfire 7.9

One of the highlights of the event were the sneak peeks by TIBCO Spotfire Product Manager Thomas Blomberg.

Spotfire 7.9 – released on May 12th

  1. Edit data transformations: Spotfire 7.9 adds what has been one of the most anticipated new features, the ability to edit your data transformations. This capacity to adapt to changes in data sources or to tweak new transformations without having to start from scratch is a potential time-saver.
  2. Inline Data Cleaning: The new “replace value” and “replace all occurrences” features allow you to easily clean up data values in the details-on-demand panel or in the extended data panel.

More information will become available shortly via TIBCO Spotfire’s Blog and Spotfire’s Whats New.

Sharing experiences and benchmarking skills

To conclude the day the audience could ask questions to the Spotfire experts, in order to solve the challenges in their daily operations.

The event proved to be a great opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and benchmark your position as a Spotfire user. “It is inspiring to see how organisations as FrieslandCampina cope with data manipulation,” comments one of the visitors. “Data entry and manipulation is something we often encounter as well, and we are still looking for a solution.”

A big thanks

A big thanks to our partner Quintus, the host of the day: Marco van Lieverloo (TIBCO), and of course the speakers: Michael Post, Bianca Verkleij and Thomas Blomberg!

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