API Integration Patterns

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Experience-based APIs As part of any API Management platform rollout project, a new API publication pattern targeting API consumers should be promoted: Experience based APIs. This approach of API integration patterns will become the driver for Self-service API Management, enabling consumer specific API wrappers that are designed and implemented by the consuming teams. In addition

Integration within a changing business environment – a reposted blog

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"In a fast, crazy world, monitoring makes real business sense." Today’s business environment is changing faster and faster. The ability to quickly adapt is crucial to survival. To do that, it is essential to have a thorough overview of all your processes, only then can you instantly see potential problems and have a clear view

Spotfire security with Excel datasource

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In our practice, we tend to run into Spotfire projects that use Excel (or CSV) as a data source more and more. Of course our first question (and hopefully yours too) is: “Why not connect to a database?”. In many cases the answer is simple: There is no database that contains this data There is

Best breed of API Management platforms

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In this follow-up to my previous blog Why invest in API Management? I highlight the need for very mature API Ecosystems. With this blog about the best breed of API Management platforms, I discuss questions such as: What responsibilities are held by such an ecosystem? What capabilities should it provide? And: why should the make-or-buy

European Cyber Security Challenge 2016

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Close enough: when hacking infects our daily lives Before I start about the fascinating European Cyber Security Challenge, imagine you wake up in middle of night: You go to the children's room and you hear your child speaking with a stranger; it’s your cheap Chinese baby phone with built-in microphone, speakers and camera. You attached it

API Gateway: the new spider in the web?

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Let’s face it: with the upcoming of cloud and cloud-to-cloud, we entered a new era. An era where besides the traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), a new spider entered the web of the IT world. A spider with legs in the inside (the traditional on premise world) and legs in the outside (external world of the

Book review: DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim and co.

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The highly anticipated DevOps Handbook, co-authored by the who's who of DevOps - Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois and John Willis - was published this month. It is a completely non-fictional follow-up on their earlier book The Phoenix project. The book attempts to lay down the prescriptions for effective DevOps and in the process

New Features! Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

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The 18 th of October 2016 marks the second release of Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD). DVD enables users to explore data on a visual way on individual basis. You don’t need to have a server, just download the install and you’re up-and- running [after you acquire the right license of course]. Last week, TMNS joined a

Keeping Complexity Simple – a reposted blog

Simply implementing a feature request from a customer will please the customer and the sales people, but it adds to the complexity of our solution. Given that we have the most powerful technology ever at our hands (or server rooms), adding an extra dialog to enhance the customer's user experience falls short of what we should do. Instead of designing a new