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October 2017

Digital disruption in the insurance industry: Leveraging big data with flexible “greybox” algorithms

2017-10-11T13:59:45+00:00 10 October, 2017|

The insurance industry has frequently been said to be conservative and slow to take in technological developments: Insurers often do not leverage the full potential of big data and advanced analytics to make business practices more efficient and effective. Meanwhile, the growing threat of nimble and agile new entrants in the insurance space is placing [...]

April 2017

TMNS on KONTEH: discover your opportunities and start your career

2017-04-14T14:48:10+00:00 14 April, 2017|Tags: , , , |

It has been two weeks since KONTEH. This two-day-event, organized by non-governmental students organization EESTEC, took place at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. This unique fair, where students and companies have precious opportunity to communicate directly with each other, was first established in 2006. The fact that more than 5.000 visitors came [...]

March 2017

May 2016

Work in control: Tracking every single step within your project with JIRA

2017-03-28T17:12:05+00:00 2 May, 2016|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Whether you’re an organization with 10 or 1000 employees, every company needs structure. Because business involves projects and projects involve people. People who work on a project as a team and make decisions. In other words: every project you’re working on is in a continuous state of change. This threatens the efficiency of your business [...]

December 2015

Geekstone IT Conference 2015

2017-03-28T17:14:36+00:00 16 December, 2015|Tags: |

The first time organized Geekstone IT Conference has passed, and it’s time to put into action what we learned from this event. A group of TMNS colleagues has attended the one-day technical IT conference Geekstone, organized on December 3rd, 2015 in “Arena Cineplex” in Novi Sad by Vega IT Sourcing. The main purpose of the [...]

November 2015

Update from the TMNS Trainee Team

2017-03-28T17:15:50+00:00 4 November, 2015|

Get inspired On 1st October, we (Martijn Roest, Paul Korver, Andrew Mui and Wouter Bruinings) started as the first generation of trainees at TMNS. All of us have different backgrounds: Paul has a Master’s in Entrepreneurship, Martijn a Master’s in Economics and Business, Andrew a Master’s in Bio-Medical Sciences, and Wouter a Bachelor's in International [...]

October 2015

Four Young Professionals passed their SOA Exams!

2017-03-28T17:16:15+00:00 23 October, 2015|

Our TMNS All Hands Meeting on the 15th of October had a festive element for four of our Young Professionals: they passed their SOA exams and were put in the spotlight. Congratulations Wouter, Paul, Andrew and Martijn!

New customer: De Jong Intra Holidays

2016-02-02T10:21:16+00:00 22 October, 2015|Tags: |

De Jong Intra Holidays was founded in 1972, has 90 employees and was awarded best Dutch allround travel organisation in 2014/2015. The automation system De Jong Intra has been using since a long time is a Progress based backoffice system, for which at a certain moment the Sonic enterprise service bus was supplied. Initial contact During the last Aurea congres in [...]