Combine GDPR compliance with improved Digital Experience

2017-11-30T08:47:01+00:00 30 November, 2017|

Considering the large investment needed to meet the GDPR regulation companies should act smarter. Of course becoming compliant is still the number one goal, but it should not be the only goal to be reached. GDPR and Digital Experience have more in common than it may initially appear. Both are about empowering the customer. This [...]

Excite your future! An IT-trainee at TMNS

2017-11-23T14:54:10+00:00 23 November, 2017|

Lang geleden was er een HBO Bedrijfskunde-MER student, die niet wist wat ze met haar te brede opleiding wilde. Want als bedrijfskundige ben je van alle markten thuis, maar een duidelijke specialisatie is er niet. Om deze reden heb ik gekozen om mijzelf verder te specialiseren aan de Universiteit van Tilburg waar ik de Research [...]

Spotfire 7.11 is here!

2017-11-16T11:57:38+00:00 16 November, 2017|

This is it! The Spotfire version many of us have been waiting on for so long. Spotfire V7.11 will bring so much relief to professionals working with Spotfire on a daily basis. And Why? Well…. Have you ever had to replace a part of a Data Table that was a construct of many Data [...]

Connecting TIBCO BusinessWorks Integration Platform

2017-11-16T11:47:02+00:00 25 October, 2017|

Step by step with IBM MQ Messsaging Solution The increased trend in Digitalization results in creation of complex interconnected applications ecosystem. While there is a common understanding of the need to connect systems with different natures together using preferably a mature integration platform, it is also very common to integrate different integration platforms together, where [...]

Devoteam and TMNS operating as one company

2017-10-24T09:09:49+00:00 24 October, 2017|

With over 300 specialists focused on Digitalization, Agile Transformation and API management Amsterdam, the Hague, 23 oktober 2017 The Dutch operation of Devoteam, based in Amsterdam and TMNS, based in the Hague have completed the first phase of integration. The combination provides TMNS and Devoteam clients with access to a larger arsenal of expertise and [...]

Persbericht: Devoteam en TMNS gefuseerd

2017-10-16T08:34:58+00:00 13 October, 2017|

Amsterdam, 13 oktober 2017 Combinatie zet met ruim 300 specialisten vol in op Digitalisering, Agile Transformation en API management. De Nederlandse vestiging van Devoteam in Amsterdam is per 1 oktober samengegaan met TMNS uit Den Haag. De nieuwe combinatie, onderdeel van het Franse beursgenoteerde Devoteam SA, zet met ruim 300 medewerkers vol in op de [...]

Digital disruption in the insurance industry: Leveraging big data with flexible “greybox” algorithms

2017-10-11T13:59:45+00:00 10 October, 2017|

The insurance industry has frequently been said to be conservative and slow to take in technological developments: Insurers often do not leverage the full potential of big data and advanced analytics to make business practices more efficient and effective. Meanwhile, the growing threat of nimble and agile new entrants in the insurance space is placing [...]

Why Microservices if you run a great SOA implementation?

2017-10-11T13:14:40+00:00 10 October, 2017|

Your DevOps teams are working in sprints following SCRUM methodology. You have continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) process in place. You are able to release your changes quickly. Your application is not a monolith, but a collection of reusable loosely coupled components. Each component can be deployed and upgraded independently. Your workload is [...]

The evolution of FOS

2017-10-25T10:36:20+00:00 16 August, 2017|

Evolution of TIBCO FOS from a PSG framework to a full blown catalogue driven order management and fulfilment solution A new product driven solution In 2007 by chance I encountered what was then called TIBCO OFF (Order Fulfilment Framework) for the first time. Some of the TIBCO professional services members decided to put together a [...]