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Employee Testimonials

“How would you describe TMNS?”

The first word that comes to mind is “community.” In some companies you feel like a number in the ocean of numbers. At TMNS I am Sanjeev, part of the family. At TMNS I feel more like a co-owner. I have opportunities to impact the direction of the company and to learn different parts of the business. This is a place where not only your opinion is heard but also encouraged.

Sanjeev Kumar Das, Senior Consultant
TMNS for me stands for ‘Team’. Everybody is just as important. The communication is always open, we’re there to help the client forward. Although there are quite a lot of nationalities at TMNS, there is always a bond between colleagues. Also, family is considered important, so they get involved in company events such as the Annual Diner or TMNS BBQ. We work hard, but you know it’s appreciated.

Arjen van Bart, Project Manager & Team Lead
TMNS has a great work culture. Being client focused and delivering quality solutions are its strength. At the same time it is very employee friendly. It encourages open communication and cordial atmosphere. There are so many nationalities in the company that it’s often quite interesting to work with each other. It feels more like a family than a company here.
Rahul Gupta, Senior Consultant
Diverse. I’m from a country where we have eleven official languages so I thought I’ve seen diversity. TMNS takes it to the next level with many nationalities from all over the world. These colleagues (now friends) have taught me a lot both professionally and personally. It’s a great team to be a part of!
Marinus Snyman, Senior Consultant
TMNS is a melting pot of different nationalities and personalities all with positive working attitude and different qualities. The company has of course some rules, applied where possible in a pragmatic way. The team is to me a group of friends which I like to be part of and like to discuss work related issues with and talk to about interests outside of work. Working with colleagues is always a pleasure and a very good experience since everybody contributes to getting things done with different knowledge and from different viewpoints.
Martin Meijer, Senior Consultant