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IT Traineeship Integration ‘TIBCO’

TMNS offers you a unique development opportunity through very extensive IT traineeships. TIBCO, Oracle, DevOps and Business Intelligence are the main tracks that TMNS offers you as a talented young IT professional. We facilitate IT talents with making the right career acceleration. After going through one of the IT traineeships you will start your professional IT career as consultant with the necessary knowledge and targeted certifications. Participating in one of our challenging projects at customers from both Dutch and international business top is part of your IT traineeship.

Do you have a clear affinity with IT and do you want to develop both professionally and personally? Choose one of the IT Traineeship tracks that TMNS has to offer for the best start for your TMNS career.

Ttraineeship OracleIBCO consultant

This TIBCO track is for students with a background and/or interest in IT that want to apply their talents in the field of integration. There are many integration projects that need our attention in order to suit the needs of our clients. A typical role in which you will work is as a TIBCO consultant. Important to know is that these projects have a big IT-element so a thorough interest in both IT and business is important to be of great value. Joining one of the TMNS projects as a Young Professional (YP) is part of the completion of your TIBCO traineeship.


Serbia event

A three week study trip to Serbia (Novi Sad) is part of the traineeship. The first two weeks you will study TMNS projects together with your fellow Oracle trainees. This will give you the opportunity to use your newly acquired knowledge in real life environments and in a team setting. The third and last week of your trip to Serbia involves an innovative challenge. You and your fellow trainees will design and prototype a new TMNS service. Back in The Netherlands you and your team will present the results to the board.

The TIBCO Traineeship is open for Dutch graduates with a sufficient level of English language proficiency.

Are you the new IT Trainee we are looking for?

  • You have your Bachelor- or Masters-degree in IT or Business (or you expect to graduate in the coming months).
  • You have a strong interest in IT. Especially when you have a business related Master. This interest is important since integration will play a crucial role in your future work.
  • You have well developed analytical skills.
  • You have a maximum of 2 years work experience from the moment you graduated.
  • You have significant experience in the field of IT development.
  • You are ambitious to get the best out of yourself and to develop yourself towards senior roles.
  • You have a strong self-awareness and you know what you want.
  • You have well developed communication skills. Communication is essential because you will work closely together with your team.
  • You have a pro-active attitude. Important because we want to deliver our clients the best.
  • You are result driven. Handling resistance while striving for the right results does not affect your goals.
  • You must demonstrate a sufficient level of English language proficiency.

Results TIBCO traineeship:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) (Certificate)
  • Java SE 8 (Certificate)
  • SQL (Certificate)
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks (Certificate)
  • XML, XML DOM, XSLT (Certificate)
  • XQuery knowledge
  • Web Services, SOAP, WSDL knowledge
  • Linux (Certificate)
  • Amazon Cloud Services (Certificate)
  • Integration Patterns knowledge
  • Scrum Master (Certificate)
  • Presentation knowledge (elevator pitch, general presentation, board presentation)
  • Intake knowledge
  • Work experience in the field of integration (Challenge)
  • Experience abroad (Serbia Event)
  • Teambuilding (Golf Event)

How to apply?

Telephone: 070-3011720

Other career opportunities?

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