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What makes working at TMNS so special?

TMNS is the leading, independent IT integration service provider in Europe. We provide services to inspiring international clients across various industries and use the most innovative, new technologies.

We’re innovative. We move with the times. We’re the first to provide new technologies as they’re introduced. We remain agile, supporting our clients to the best of our ability and building future-proof IT solutions.
This is what drives our staff. They always help their clients uncover what is actually needed. They discuss their clients’ queries and provide the answers no one else has thought of. With this mentality, they help our clients remain competitive and distinctive.
Our staff help our clients make the decisions that get them the best return on their IT investments. As an independent service provider, TMNS is not locked in to any one software package. It’s important therefore that our staff keep up to date with the numerous software technologies available across the wide range of industries in which we operate.
At TMNS, you’ll be working in an international environment with a glut of opportunities to work on your own development, both personal and professional. You’ll be able to follow a wide range of training courses to do so, as well as sharpen your technical expertise and skills.
TMNS is not only an international company, it’s also a multicultural company. To help our international staff assimilate, we organize free Dutch lessons and assist with finding accommodation. No request is asking too much. Our staff are extremely important to us, which is why we help them in every way possible.
We celebrate not only birthdays and national holidays, but also our successes. Every year, TMNS organizes a host of festive events including our annual Family Event. All TMNS staff and their families get together for a few, well-deserved days away! Where are we heading this year? France!
If you’re passionate about integration and you love working with state-of-the art technologies in a multicultural organization for major international clients, then get in touch with Anneke de Boom, Director Recruitment.