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Who is TMNS?

Supporting our customers on the journey to digitisation is at the core of what we do. Whether it is by determining how, where and when to take action towards customers and prospects based on Data Analytics, whether it is by delivering smoothly by applying our Integration experience or whether it is by automating testing and deployment processes by applying our DevOps experience, the digitisation priorities of B2B and B2C organisations is driving our agenda.
To deliver on the digitisation agenda, we can’t do without top notch technical experience. In addition we demonstrate a can-do mentality in everything we do and a passion for delivering customer impact, be it through consultancy assignments or when delivering turn-key projects in Integration, Data Analytics and DevOps. Furthermore we continuously invest in training and knowledge sharing. Last but not least, we foster teamwork, which we believe to be essential to deliver in a highly innovative space.
Our trackrecord has helped us become one of the leading independent Analytics and Integration Service providers in Europe. Well over 200 experts are engaged in the delivery of our services to our customers. We have offices in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Serbia and the Netherlands. We apply leading edge technologies in delivering solutions to our customers, for them to be able to adapt to changing market dynamics. We support our customers to be the best in their industries.

This is what we do

Application Integration 100%
Business Process Management 81%
Business Intelligence 68%
Complex Event Processing 90%
Continuous Delivery 68%
IT Management 48%
Monitoring 55%
Managed Services 81%


  • > 200 employees
  • 1400+ years of IT experience
  • 900+ years of integration experience
  • 18 nationalities

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